New year, new me?



I must confese I am a “new me” freak. Yes, that’s right. On december 31, for the past 5 or 6 years, I’d sit down on my desk by my own and write down on a notebook a list of my goals for this year. Also, I checked last year’s list and have this little satisfaction moment in which I crossed out every goal I accomplished. Doing this kind of “ritual” give me a sense of control over myself, and prepare my mind to be super positive for the up coming year.

This year was diferent! I sat down on my desk and, with a blank page in front of me, I realized I did not know what I want to accomplished this year! I freaked out, I had the so called “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” crisis!

But hey! I know I am not the only one who struggles with this! So, I decided I wanted to share  with you what I did to give this conflict a solution.

  • Don’t stress out! Remember what you’ve go through

I know, because I experienced myself, that it can be overwhelming watch all new year’s resolutions people post on facebook or instagram and feeling lost. But, you should not feel weird or if it’s something wrong with you, because NOT! It’s complely fine, some people had hard experiences the past year (such as failing a course in college) and it is easier for them settle a goal in order to not repete it (like studying once a week or something like that).  I recommend you to think about mistakes or situations in which you think you can have had a better response and pick them as future goals for this year!

  • Settle realistic goals

Don’t let yourself be influenced by the whole “new me” mood. It’s hard, because everyone it’s happy, celebrating, feeling dreamy and very positive (don’t take me wrong that it’s completely fine), but maybe this can make you settle goals that can later in the year frustrate you and overwhelm you. So, it’s better if you choose four or five but that you know you can accomplish them with effort and have the satisfaction instead of being too ambitious and then feel sorry for it!

  • Talk about them with someone of your trust

One’s life and choices may look different from other’s point of view. You always can talk to a close friend or relative who can give you an advice of who well you went through the year and help you organize your ideas of what you would like to reach this coming one!

  • Do a brainstorm!

Of course! Do a list of some dreams or goals you have but without passing them through the “it’s impossible or not?” filter. Just write down the desires of your heart. Then, one by one you can examine them and determine if they are too ambitious to complete them in a year, if so it is an awesome idea to divide them into small “task” that help you go closer to the goal for the next two or three years!

I wish you the best of lucks setting up your goals and cross finger for you to accomplish as many as you can! Feel free to let me know what your goals are and what are you doing (or planning to do) for them to became truth!



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