Is life supposed to be easy?

Want to get home faster? Take a taxi.

Too lazy to read a whole book? Look for the movie.

Don’t want to get up and turn the lights off? Download an app for your smartphone.

Those are a few from the many examples we can find in our more and more demanding world of how machines or other people had made our life “easier”. If you don’t feel like doing some work at home, or at the office (even at school) you can pay others to do it for you. We have became lazy! I can picture us, humans, in a couple of decades paying others to take vacation for us or going to family dinners for us! It’s so so heartbreaking.

Sadly, the new generations are the one’s that are suffering the most out of this situation. For our grandparents, who grew up in a society in which you had to work for the things you wanted, having a phone, look for information in google and having an instant result instead of spending hours and hours in a library are luxuries notneeds!

Kids, teenagers and young adults are now so used to having fast results from little effort that when an action requires work and dedication easily lose interest or get frustrated.

is life supposed to be easy

LIFE IT’S NOT EASY! And, it’s not meant to be. A woman entered labour for hours to give you life, you spend hours practicing crawling until you finally made one step by yourself, the same with your talking, writing, reading, and many other abilities we adquired from effort!

You can be sure that nothing worth having comes easily. If so, how can we appreciate them? Only a mother can love her child knowing how hard was to raise him/her.

Now that I am a little “more independent” and have my own money to spend it however I want, sometimes I surprised myself taking so much care  of a pen, a book, shoes, etc. just because I payed for them. Because only  I know how hard I had to work for it.

Just put everything into perspective: relationships, a house, work, a diploma, a car, an ability, whatever. You will probably enjoy it more when you realize the discipline, the hours (and money) it cost you.

Life it is not supposed to be easy, and that is fine. The more you want it, the more you will feel satisfy, the more ambitious you will become, bigger dreams, crazier goals, but full of illusion and motivation. We need challenges, because we crave for victories!


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