We have legs instead of roots!

I have always used that phrase as my traveling motto. It sounds so “easy going” and just letting yourself go with the adventure. But, from a time ago I faced the whole “adulting” phase and that #YOLO motto I had made more sense in other perspective.

legs no roots

It’s a whole metaphor. Picture a beautiful plant: it’s planted in a small pot, with moist soil, placed near a window where it gets sun rays for living. The owner of that cute plant take care of it and water it everyday; not too much water ‘cuz it drowns not any ‘cuz it withers. But, plot twist the owner sells the plant and the new owner it’s too lazy to take care of the poor plant. He leaves it in the sun for hours and do not water it, also smokes and use the plant pot as ashtray.

Poor plant, don’t you think? Abandoned by it’s owner, without being capable of made it’s food. Left there to die of thirst with no way out. Thanks God, we are not like plants and instead of roots we have legs. Or don’t we?

I know many people  (I am still struggling to break the cycle) that are uncapable of moving on. Moving on from toxic relationships, unhappiness, closing cycles, growing up and other examples you may know.

It is extremely hard to be in the position where you are aware you have to letting go or move on but be too tied to actually leave. I usually get use to my confort zone where I have all control but I don’t realize I am not able to progress, to persuit my goals.

Everyday I challenge myself and also encourge myself to letting go those people and habits that intoxicate me and focus in use this legs I have, to move on, to get out of the pot and avoid the Sun to boil me!

WE HAVE LEGS NOT ROOTS! We are aim to move, to saying goodbye and new hello’s, to discover new places that make us GROW & FLOURISH.

Let me know what meaning does this “motto” have to you! And thanks for reading!


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