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5 Reasons why I want to be like Ruth

i want to be like ruth

Her name means “friend”, but that is one of the many desirable characteristics she has. The book of Ruth it’s small and brief, only four chapters long, but it is enough to show us God’s mercy, purpose and caring even in the toughest situation we can imagine. If you haven’t read her story, I encourge you to do it. You won’t regret and it won’t take you too much time!

As I read my Bible and get into Ruth’s story I noticed the amazing woman she was, how her strenght gave favor not only to her but to her mother in law, Noemi. It was impossible for me not wanting to be like her. So I decided I wanted to share with you some of this “traits” she had.

  • She was devoted and committed (Ruth 1:16). She took very seriously the compromised she adquired by marrying Noemi’s son. She knew she had to take care of her mother in law, not because she was demanded to but because she had a very special bond with her. They were friends and Ruth was faithful to that no matter the situation, the country or time.
  • Her faith in God was more valuable than her nationality. She wasn’t born as part of Israel, she was a moabite. But it does not matter if she was part of Israel or not, because her faith in God was enough. And God noticed that too. It’s incredible how He blessed her being Kind David’s great grand mother.
  • She was obedient. Obedient to God and to Noemi (Ruth 3:5). She recognized her mother in law as the head of her house, like a mother for her, and she did not hesitate into do as Noemi told her so.
  • She was a worker. Instead of whining over how God had forsake them or how their lives had been ruined, she stand out and went out looking for food and a way to sustain her and Noemi. She was independent and she showed she didn’t need a man if she had God who cared about her.
  • She blessed the ones around her. When finally she married Booz she was the reason the witnesses told him how blessed he will be (Ruth 4:11). Also, Ruth was the reason the women cheered Noemi, for she now had a reedemer!  Ruth was blessed by God’s favor and she became a bless herself!

WOW! I could say she is my female favorite character from the whole Bible! An inspiring example of whom I want to become. My prayer to God is to make me a little bit more like her, full of His spirit! I want to got God’s favor as she had!



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