7 ways to stay motivated while studying

Probably you already know that I’ve been very busy lately. This is my last year at college and as you might imagine classes get harder and harder. And, of course, it’s getting harder and harder for me to stay motivated and focus enough to do homework, studying or even going to a lecture (LOL!). I must confess I have no idea how I’m gonna do to during finals (or even how I will stay alive until then).

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Sooooooo, since I bet I am not the only one having this struggle I have so suggestions for you to try that had worked for me.

  1. Motivation starts before doing homework or studying. Let’s say you know a terrible and busy week it’s coming so you take cautions like: sleeping enough, doing some small homeworks so they won’t accumulate or start working on a project that has a due date in 2 or 3 weeks. Trust me you will not regret the free time you spend overtaking any work to do.
  2. Prepare yourself & your mood. I don’t know you but if I wake up in a calm way (not by my phone ringing or something like that) I will instantly be in a good mood for the rest of the day. The same happens if I take a delicious breakfast. So, I will 100% recommend to you to start your day doing something that put you in the right mood for a study day. You can try going out for a small walk, take a hot bath, eat your favorite fruit during breakfast or anything else.
  3. Comfy clothes vrs bad mood. Seriously, there’s nothing better for your hormones, tiredness or lack of motivation than your comfy clothes (I am not saying pijamas but I can’t blame you LOL). It’s easier to study when you are confortable and you will feel better for sure!
  4. Food is bae. What can be more motivating than eating a yummy snack while writing an essay; I mean, ideas just start flowing and flowing. Just make sure you eat the right ones like nuts, fruits, cereal. Eat food that give you energy and do not have  a massive dinner or lunch because, trust me, your stomach will “drag” all the blood from your body into digestion and your brain will slow down it’s activity so you will get sleepy:  MAY DAY MAY DAY! If you are as creative as me at cooking here are some ideas for you to try.
  5. Let’s jam.  I know it’s can be difficult sometimes to have a playlist on during study time or while writting a paper because we always end up singing along and dancing around the room. But, actually there’s a type of music you can listen to without losing your focus or losing your vibe. Hans Zimmer does this type of music,  he had done the soundtrack for movies such as Batman, Inception, Interstellar and Gladiator, I totally recommend his tracks: very relaxing yet motivator. Also if you want here it’s my spotify playlist for doing homework.
  6. Reward yourself. I use this one a lot, and by rewarding yourself I am not talking about put candies on every paragraph of your reading so you can eat it when you finish. I am talking about put yourself objetives. For example: I will finish this essay at 2 pm. If you accomplish it you can get something that “clean your mind”, like eat some icecream and watch a video on youtube or anything else you like.  They are your rewards so I can tell you what to choose (;
  7. Satisfaction comes in form of a “to do” list. Seriously, there are few satisfations bigger than be able to cross out something in a to do list. I am a fan of lists, I made them daily so I can stay organized, have goals during the day and also because they made me feel productive. As I cross four or five tasks I get more and more motivated because I know soon it will be over.

Aaand those were my collegeproof tips to do homework or studying  without die trying. I hope you enjoyed, let me know in the comments and also hope they are useful for you! If you have any other suggestion or personal practice for me to add and try just let me know! See you next week! Don’t forget to shareee.



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