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God is… Omnipotent

A confession: I love space, our galaxy and Universe. I find it so big, diverse, unknown, vast and beautiful. Usually I watch movies about spacetrips or documentals about it and all the time after I watch them I sit down and just take a minute to think not just how amazing places out of Earth are but how HUGE and POWERFUL is the one who create it.

I am kind of a “scientific” believer. I think science it’s not here to destroy God’s existence, but to help us understand His power. So I love God and enjoy science. But since be a God follower is a matter of faith more than scientific data I struggle a lot, sometimes.


This month my boyfriend and I studied about one of my favorite God’s characteristic: He is OMNIPOTENT. And my mind, as usual, blew away!

“…Is there an end to the Lord’s power?…”

Numbers 11:23

God asked to Moses in a challenging way, but is He really talking to Moses? I don’t know you but I feel is God asking me if I don’t believe Him be strong and powerful enough to do anything. And as an answer, I just blush and smile because I know He has NO limits, nor He or His power.

If He has showed us He is omnipotent then why we keep on doubting?? I think mainly for two reasons:

  • Because just like the people of Israel we keep on forgetting who He is. We forget what He have done for us, the miracles, His creation here on Earth. Us, humans, have a God-Alzheimer! But, happily, the more we spend with Him the less we will forget.
  • We focus in the problem instead of His power. If you read Mt 14:31 you can see how Peter was walking on water just relying on Jesus’ power, but the moment he focused on how deep the water was, how far he was from Jesus or what would happen if he fall… he started to drown. So, yes I am a Peter. I worry so much about my daily situations I don’t have space in my mind to think about how the Creator of the Universe, the Master of everything that exist have care of me. #Genius!

As scientists discover about our Universe, about ourselves and everything around us I learn more and more about God. I’ve learn that my mind it’s too small to measure God’s power and nature fully, but it’s big enough to understand Him and recognizing His power.

Now I look up to the sky and wonder myself  how big the stars are, how far away they are; I hear God whispering in my ear “I count those stars and call them by name, I settle them there, and still I am here with you” (Psalms 8:3, 147:4).


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