6 Lessons you will definitely learn in college

Since I was small I dreamed of college; I wanted so bad to be a “grown up”. When I finished high school I had so many expectations of how my next year was gonna be. I started watching videos in youtube of how to study succesfully, hacks for college, how to decor your notebook, etc. You can picture how anxious I was of finally start my freshman in college!

Of course, my college experience had been different from the one I planned for me three years ago. Some of the videos I watched were useless or just didn’t fit my situation. Seriously, it’s hard to find tips or advices that work for everyone, but I realized that no matter your major, your college characteristics or the country you belong there are lessons that you learn through those student years.

Photo from, isn’t it just perfect or what? 

Now, I want to share with you some of those lessons I have learned that were not included in the course contents (LOL).

  • You will have more extra time than in high school BUT you will spend that time doing assignments. It can be a class of 4 hours and a homework of 2 + a project of 8 hours or even more. It’s endless.
  • You will have less money than expected. I don’t know why but at college we spend more money on food (maybe because we are more anxious). Still, you will have a lot more to pay like the bus, food, books, presentations, materials, etc.
  • One’s bestfriends as an adult are usually made during college BUT they are a small percentage. You will meet many many people in this years, you might even like them, but truth is that during this years a lot of  situations can happen and as a result you and your friends can take different paths.
  • You find yourself doing things you didn’t know you could. Like organizing a fair and a festival, write a enormous essay, work half-time, read a couple of books during a month, or make choices (a lot of them, actually). At the beginning it might be hard to manage the time and one can feel overwhelmed, but as you overcome all the obstacules and you look back: the satisfaction it’s incredible and you also learn a lot of what you are capable of  do.
  • Professors are very different from high school BUT you can learn much more of them. I have been in courses with good and bad proffesors, both can teach you a lot of your career and about yourself. Some teach for your intellectual development and some teach you about life. Having a lot of proffesors can actually be something you can take advantage and learn more about patience, the kind of professional you want to become, effort, tolerance, respect and how different people can be in their opinions.
  • THE WORLD BECOMES BIGGER! Before college I believed I knew about how life was, how people lived; I thought I knew the answers to all the questions, that I had my life solved, that I had experienced all that was out there. One person told me when I finished high shool “there’s a whole new world that you don’t know, it’s so big and different you will not want to come back to this one”. And he was SO RIGHT! You meet new people all the time, you experience new situations every day, you have to take decisions -and they aren’t easy by the way. You are now an adult and the world sees you like one.

College can be overwhelming and take time to adjust yourself to the changes it brings, it is a big responsability but those are the best years of your life -yet.

If you know from your experience more lessons you learned in college (or that you are currently learning) please tell me! I will update the post.

See you next week, and good luck in your classes!


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