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What does “God is omnipresent” mean?

Guess who’s back? After loooong 12 days without blogging -blame college for this- I am back to continue with the “God is…” series we had been studying during this year.


We have already studied different God’s characteristics until now. Like His truth and power  and now it’s time to go a little bit more deeper into His presence.

The key Bible verse this time is:

Where can I go from your Spirit? 

Where can I flee from your presence?”

Psalms 139:7

Have you ever tried to hide from God? Like Adam & Eve did? Like Jonah did? I had and is useless. Sometimes we take decisitions or do things we are not proud of and hope no one is watching, but HEY! God is A L W A Y S there. Not to condemn us but to redeem us.

But truth is Why God will spend His precious time with me? Following me all day long and listening to my thoughts -they aren’t even funny. Well because of four main resons:

  1. I am His creation
  2. I am part of Him
  3. Because He let His Holy Spirit in me and therefore a part of Him in me
  4. Just because He has the power to

What actually blows my mind rely in the fact that He does not only is with me wherever I go (like Jonah, Joseph or Daniel), but also it mean He is with me whenever I am -past, present or future, He is there. As you know, God is not limited by our physic laws. So basically time does not exist for Him.

This got me thinking for days of how we worry so much about when, how and where things are going to happen, but we forget that God already know the answer to all that. He knows what is going to occur, where and when and as a plus: HE IS WITH US through all the way.

As a motivational quote I once read in Pinterest “Whenever you feel unimportant or insecure; remeber to whom you belong”. Yes, I belong to an Omnipotent, Omnipresent and The One true God. I definately feel better now.




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