What I’ve learned about social media while blogging

First of all, let me apologize for be absent during these past weeks. My life turned upside down in a matter of days and until now I am finally getting back to my track.

I got a job, I am on my last weeks of college and during this adjustment time I wasn’t able to manage all the blogging responsabilities (instagram included!), and I am so so sorry for that. I am working into improving, promise.

Now, let’s get into the point.


What I’ve learned about social media while blogging. As a normal, regular, not-blogger person I am the definition of anxious and for me social media just adds more stress. But posting got a whole new meaning the moment I decided to start this blog.

Sometimes trying to others “like” your blog it’s overwhelming. And during this four months I’ve been posting I have learned a lot. That’s why I want to share it with you and maybe- just maybe- you can relate to me (:

  1. People want to know you, not just your content. This advice I read changed my instagram account. I used to upload photos – ONLY- about my blog posts. Then when I started uploading content about my daily life, food, plants, experiences; people liked. Liked much more than my lasts posts.
  2. You can’t compare yourself. I must accept I am guilty of this. I wanted so bad to be like the other bloggers I follow, with tons of followers (some of them in just a few weeks).Truth is, every case is unique and you gain nothing worring about how many likers you had; blogging is about enjoying the process of growth and learning NOT to waste your energies and mind.
  3. Phantom followers are real. Let me explain myself. Some people actually like your blog or account, but others are just hunting followers. They “follow” you just for you to follow back, then they unfollow you. At the start I got really mad about it, I perceived it as unloyal and even as cheating, then I realized that I should worry about them but should worry about my real followers.
  4. Don’t be too obsessive over what you instagram about. It’s really easy to get “like-drunk” (if that expression even exist-LOL). I learned that been posting all the time can actually separate you from the one’s you love, also it can unfocused you from posting – what it’s all about.
  5. Enjoy meeting new & different people. This have been my favorite feature about blogging, meeting people from all over the world and actually get to know them through the web.

This have been a part of what I have learned over this time. I have much more facts and lessons social media taught me over my journey, I would love to hear your own experiences and what you had learn.



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