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Why turning 20 was so important to me

Birthdays are important, they are supposed to be celebrated. But, they were never a big deal for me. I used to just go out for a dinner or a birthday cake and that’s it. One year older, who cares?

This year it was different for me. I did a countdown to my birthday since new year, I pinned a lot of ideas of birthday parties and I was expecting my big date with a big excitement.

Why? At first I didn’t know. Then, as months went by I realized turning 20 was kinda big thing! The day came and I got a growing up crisis – just like the one Rachel had at Friends.

I mean, 10 years ago I was at school learning of geometry and 10 years from now I’m gonna be married and have kids. It was overwhelming…


My grandpa died a week before my birthday. It opened my eyes of how fragile life was and how life can change from a day to another. I decided I was gonna live the fullest, in the most responsable way – of course. I decided I wanna to focus on the important things and set priorities. I want to make memories that actually last.

I guess turning 20 it’s important because you aren’t a teenager any more. You are an adult, and hey! adulthood really hits you. You get a lot more responsability, either way you choose those responsabilities or they just get to you. But now, you are no longer a young kid, you are a young adult.

Also during your 20s you define who you want to be, you take decisions that are going to set your path for the person you will become some day. For me it’s like a fresh start, where you can decide -again- what you want to keep on doing, what you want to change, the places you want to go, and many other questions only one can answer.

I have been twenty for almost two weeks, and I’m surviving. I had the time to realized how much I’ve grown since high school, how much a person can learn about life in a couple of years. So, let’s say I’m excited for what this decade has for me, the places I’ll visit, the people I’ll meet, the decisions I’ll have to take, all of them are experiences I’m ready to face. I am not in crisis anymore, I accept my adulthood – I guess.

Let me know in the comments what are your favorite things about been 20?

See you soon!



2 comentarios sobre “Why turning 20 was so important to me

  1. Hey! I found your blog through Rebecca at Life As A Dare and I really liked this post in particular. I recently turned 20 myself and so I definitely get what you mean xD It freaked me out a little, too, to think how much has changed since I turned 15 and how much is likely going to change until I’m 25. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    Me gusta


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