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God is… holy

I know I’ve been completely absent for like a month… And I can’t be more sorry about it. But thank you for been patient this time and keep reading & visiting my blog 😀

May have just passed by and I didn’t post the devotional of the “God is..” series! Today I will share with you this awesome characteristic – better late than never- of God which is: His holiness.


When I picture something “holy” I  think of something white, pure, with no flaws, saint. And it makes a lot of sense God been holy himself.

But you know what doesn’t make any sense? Him asking us to be holy too. Like SERIOUSLY?

In 1 Peter 1:15 says:

But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do.

I am really far away from consider myself a saint. I sin a lot, daily, all the time. I haven’t finish sinning when I am sinning again. I am not perfect in any aspect of my life. God knows my evil nature, He knows all my failures past, present & future. Still, He asked me to be holy just like He is. WHAT?

Most of you may know I am majoring in special education + also work with kids from first grade to sixth grade. I spend hours and hours teaching them, learning from them and also getting to actually know them.

So, from this experience I had an idea of why was God asking me to be holy. When one of my students it’s struggling to understand something, to make an addition or to write a word properly I cheer them up and tell them how capable they are and that even though I might had problems with that content too while I was in school- they can reach their goals and overcome their obstacles.

God ask us to be holy because, despite our flaws, He actually see our potential- what we are capable of reaching. He sets the mark high because He knows we will put effort in order to get there. He actually know us. Just as I know what my students can or can’t do.

And remember:



7 comentarios sobre “God is… holy

  1. I am going into education too! Elementary education with a minor in english… however, I really liked how you said that it is important to actually get to know your students. I am currently working as a camp counselor and I cannot believe that I forgot about this. My first day was today, so, I’m not too late but thank you so much for sharing this. Nobody is perfect either… the main thing is to keep trying to set an example for others and do the best we can (: And ask for forgiveness when we do mess up because it is going to happen a lot!

    This is also a random question but why is the bottom part of the page in spanish? Sorry if I am offending you, I don’t mean to at all. I am just curious.

    Me gusta

    1. Helloo! Yay! A colleague! Better later than never hehe. Hope you have a wonderful experience during the camp and learn a lot from the kids 🙂
      Also, don’t worry, I guess (because i don’t really know) it’s because the page it’s on spanish since my browser and computer both are in this language because it’s my mother tongue, although I blog in english :p It’s just a guess I am not sure.

      Greetings from Costa Rica!

      Me gusta

  2. I really loved this post! I’ll remember this from now on… I consider myself a great sinner but you made an excellent point in that God sees our potential… 🙂

    Me gusta


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