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Benefits from keeping a journal and why you should start one

Hey everyone, it’s december already and that means this blog it’s almost one year older. It is amazing how time flies so quickly.

This year was a 12 month learning adventure in every area of my life. College, faith, relationships and myself (especially). And one of the things I learned was the importance of having a journal.

(I took this photo myself, and I am so so proud haha)

It’s kinda funny because I am not a very constant writer and every time -as a kid- I tried to keep a journal I lost interest in two or three days. But, as a grown up I found out it was different. So, I thought it would be amazing if I can share the benefits I got from keeping a journal and invite you to start one too!

  • First benefit: I de-stress A LOT. 

I spend most of my time stressed out about so so many things and I can’t describe the relieve I got when I wrote down my thoughts. It doesn’t actually solve anything but it’s satisfactory to clear your mind that way. Let’s illustrate it this way -and apologies in advance for been a potterhead.

credit (well, I got it from there)
  • Second benefit: It’s easier writing than talking. 

If you are just like me and have problems sharing with others your thoughts and worries it’s “safer” to write them down. I usually believe people don’t actually get interested in my fears and concerns-and even opinions- so I tend to be very close-mouthed about them.

The good thing about a diary it’s that you can write WHATEVER you want without been worried to hurt someone’s feelings or been misunderstood; plus you get to externalize (sort of) what’s going on in your mind. It’s a win-win.

  • Third benefit: It can calm you down. 

I remeber one day I was so nervous before a visit from my supervisor (as a part of my professional practice) that I was close to throw up and I already had went to the bathroom like 3 or 4 times. So I sat down in my desk, took a deep breath and wrote down in my journal ALL that was crossing my mind- because I am the queen of overthinking- and after that I felt 1000x better. Plus, it is an awesome way to kill time during stressful and anxious moments.

  • Fourth benefit: You can put your week/month in perspective & learn from yourself. 

This is mainly focused in personal growth because you can see how your concerns change through time, how you can set new goals and as in my case you can say “Ok, I worried so much about this situation and I turned out to be so silly” and you learn to next time not freaking out that much haha.

  • Fifth benefit: It can drive you closer to God.  

At least in my experience this happened (since I’m a believer), but it was funny to see myself writing down my problems, whining and just liberating my thoughts- and then suddenly I was asking God to gave me strength, patience and telling Him how much I wanted Him to be in control of my life. Basically, I started praying without I even noticed. A BIG plus, for sure.

I hope my experience with this whole journal/diary thing actually helped you to open up your mind a little bit to how can improve your life, because honestly now I carry my journal everywhere I go.

Also if you are not a writting person but you want to experience the feeling of be in control and have a tidy mind I can 100% recommend you to try a bullet journal.  I, personally,  got a little bit addicted to it- which is is my opinion one of the greatest inventions humans have ever made in order to keep things organized. I will probably in the near future blog about it and how it changed my life. My friend Becca from Life As a Dare have an amazing post about it so you can learn more and join the Bujo community all around the world!

See you, hopefully, next week and have an amazing week! Feel free to email me for anything you might need.



4 comentarios sobre “Benefits from keeping a journal and why you should start one

  1. my favorite part about journaling is taking myself on dates and writing! in cute coffee shops, libraries, or even just a at a bench while i people watch. as a college student, keeping a journal allows me to remind myself to do something other than school to feed my soul. this year, i’m trying bible journaling and i am so pumped! first i listen to worship music to destress, then i write to God about my day, what’s on my mind, and then i read scripture and write my thoughts on the verse/chapter. it’s been awesome so far, and i will definitely be writing my progress on my blog.

    thank you for sharing this!!

    elaine 🙂

    Me gusta


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