5 Things to do before this year ends

We are few days away from finally finishing 2016. What a year has been.

I, personally, had moments of extreme joy, tears, frustration but mostly- moments of personal growth. I learned so much about myself this past twelve months & speaking to others about how they year went the answer was almost the same. And I couldn’t be any happier for you, for finishing this year & surviving it. The struggles and difficulties are part of our life, as I wrote (almost a year ago) in this post.

New Year’s Eve it’s kinda emotional for me (and I don’t even know why). I have an especial “ritual” or a list of things I like to do before December 31st ends every year, and I thought that maybe they can help you to settle your mind to receive 2017 in the best possible way!


Organize & clean

Through the year we use a lot of stuff and then we put it somewhere to be organized later, the problem is… we usually don’t. After some weeks our closets and desks are full of things we don’t even know where they came from. In my case, during college I made a mess of my computer desktop and I have thousands of files everywhere!

There’s no better feeling than starting a new year with your house organized because it helps a lot to keep your mind organized too.


Cross out achieved goals

As I have said it before, I love to cross out the things I’ve done (usually on my ‘to do list’) because I get an indescribable satisfaction. New Year’s Eve it’s not the exception, I cross out every goal I achieved during 2016, and so I begin the new year feeling extremely productive and unstoppable. You should definitely try it.

Settle new goals

Because how are you gonna do the last point if you don’t have a list!?

Also, let me explain myself of the importance of settle new goals each year (even though I think it’s pretty obvious). You are gonna built a house, you know the construction starts in a determined date; but you get to the lot without machines, engineers, money, nothing & still expect the house to be ready in a couple of months (?)- ok, maybe it’s an extreme example but you get the point.

If you want to have a sucessful year you need to know what are you gonna be working for, mark yourself a north to follow.

“If you are not planning for sucess, then you are planning for failure”. 

Make decisions

We make some bad decisions this year (and the year before, and the one before too…) but that doesn’t mean we can’t have  a fresh start and make some new good ones.

New Year’s Eve it’s the perfect oportunity to say “Ok, starting from now on I’m not going to…” or “I will start to… this year”. Everyone around you it’s making decisions so you get motivated to commit to them and make actual changes to improve your life.

Planning new habits

This one it’s new for me, so maybe you will want to join me! Last year I proposed myself to start drinking more water… and I failed- kinda actually. But I also wanted to get a habit of writing and I nailed it (because I started a journal).

So, the point is, habits change your life and sums up positive consequences. Excercising, reading, drinking water, healthy eating, writing, saving money… anything you know you did wrong during the past year and/or you want to start doing; it’s the perfect time.

I hope this “rituals” I have helped you to have a better start for 2017 (because 2016 was wicked…). Also, I pray that you have the best New Year’s Eve and spend it with your loved ones. See you next year!




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