My college experience: an open letter to myself

College can be overwhelming. Well, actually it is overwhelming. It’s full of life changing experiences that are both: positive and negative opportunities to learn. Maybe, if you are near to graduate like me, have learned a lot from failure and success that you wish you can travel in a time machine and give some advice to your “past you”.

Also, if you are reading this, and you are about to start college maybe you can learn a few things from my experience and avoid going through the tough situations I put myself into.


Keeping that in mind -and reflexing about the last three years- I think it’s a good opportunity to write down a letter to the 17 year old Valeria that was just about to start her career.

Dear Valeria, (it sounds so cheesy! But I’m terrible at starting letters haha)

You have just graduated high school and already believe you can eat the world. Don’t lose that fierceness, never. When you are feeling like you will not be able to finish a project or complete your practice hours, recall that optimism you had at the beginning.

Don’t forget why you are there, why you chose that career. Even when you know it’s going to be hard to find a job. Remember that passion can’t be bought, and in the end you will dedicate your life to do that job, so better be one you are happy at. Nothing it’s sadder than knowing how many people choose a job without be truly passionate about.

Also, be financially stable it’s a priority for yo u and I know that -and it’s going to be that way for the rest of your life. But right now you shouldn’t be worrying about paying your debts. I mean, working and studying it’s so hard (and you will eventually give it a try haha) but you will figure out there are other options for you, like refinancing your study loan as many of your friends will. Don’t let this to distract you from your goal.

You will meet people from different places, cultures and opinions than yours. And that’s awesome. You will have the opportunity to go out of the bubble in which you grew up and open your mind to the amazing diversity that it’s out there. Give yourself the opportunity to work with them and knowing more than just their faces, in a few years you might regret it.

Independence it’s a great responsibility you are now up to. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. In college you will never stop challenging yourself. And it’s ok if you fail, but never give up.

Please, please, surround yourself with people that see and appreciate your worth and help you to reach the best version of yourself. I know right now you are afraid of not making friends, and you feel alone. But trust me, God will put in your way the friend you have been asking for so long, and you will never feel that way again.

Finally, never settle or conform to a “success”. Get out of your comfort zone and explore your abilities and virtues. During this years you will get to know yourself more than never. Sure, you are going to be afraid, and it’s the perfect opportunity to be brave. Trust me, you will never believe where you going to be in 3 years!

I really hope you enjoy this journey. There are no magical recipes to make it “perfect”, but I’m sure you will remember with nostalgic that first week ever on college and all the crazy stories and memories you lived.

Well, the truth is college it’s an unpredictable time of our life. And as I was writing down this letter I was super curious in 3 years from now what would I say to my present self?

I really love making this type of posts that make me think and make changes in my life! I hope that sharing my experience may be helpful for anyone who’s thinking enter college and it’s afraid of how their life can change -specially monetary.




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