My college experience: an open letter to myself

College can be overwhelming. Well, actually it is overwhelming. It’s full of life changing experiences that are both: positive and negative opportunities to learn. Maybe, if you are near to graduate like me, have learned a lot from failure and success that you wish you can travel in a time machine and give some advice to… Sigue leyendo My college experience: an open letter to myself


Life update!

Well, Hello! Since I've been absent for-I don't know... centuries already- I feel I should introduce myself again. LOL! Honestly I'm so so sorry I disappeared for so long and without an explanation. I tried, as hard as my human energy let me, to keep on blogging weekly or at least monthly. Sadly, and as… Sigue leyendo Life update!


7 ways to stay motivated while studying

Probably you already know that I've been very busy lately. This is my last year at college and as you might imagine classes get harder and harder. And, of course, it's getting harder and harder for me to stay motivated and focus enough to do homework, studying or even going to a lecture (LOL!). I… Sigue leyendo 7 ways to stay motivated while studying


4 tools for concept mapping

Here's a confession: Besides been totally obsessed with stationary (I have like 20 different black pens, I know it's crazy!) I enjoy studying and doing homework using colors, images and all kind of methods that make easier to memorize the contents. If you, just like me, are a visual learner you know what I am… Sigue leyendo 4 tools for concept mapping