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Benefits from keeping a journal and why you should start one

Hey everyone, it's december already and that means this blog it's almost one year older. It is amazing how time flies so quickly. This year was a 12 month learning adventure in every area of my life. College, faith, relationships and myself (especially). And one of the things I learned was the importance of having… Sigue leyendo Benefits from keeping a journal and why you should start one

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God is… holy

I know I've been completely absent for like a month... And I can't be more sorry about it. But thank you for been patient this time and keep reading & visiting my blog 😀 May have just passed by and I didn't post the devotional of the "God is.." series! Today I will share with… Sigue leyendo God is… holy

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What does “God is omnipresent” mean?

Guess who's back? After loooong 12 days without blogging -blame college for this- I am back to continue with the "God is..." series we had been studying during this year. We have already studied different God's characteristics until now. Like His truth and power  and now it's time to go a little bit more deeper into… Sigue leyendo What does “God is omnipresent” mean?

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God is… Omnipotent

A confession: I love space, our galaxy and Universe. I find it so big, diverse, unknown, vast and beautiful. Usually I watch movies about spacetrips or documentals about it and all the time after I watch them I sit down and just take a minute to think not just how amazing places out of Earth… Sigue leyendo God is… Omnipotent

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What “God is truth” means to my life?

Hello there! As you may know, this year my boyfriend and I decided to start doing a monthly devotional about God's characteristics. In January we studied about the truth He is.  Now that the month it's over, we finished it thinking and dicussing about what does that actually mean, beyond learning what the Bible says, but… Sigue leyendo What “God is truth” means to my life?

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5 Reasons why I want to be like Ruth

Her name means "friend", but that is one of the many desirable characteristics she has. The book of Ruth it's small and brief, only four chapters long, but it is enough to show us God's mercy, purpose and caring even in the toughest situation we can imagine. If you haven't read her story, I encourge… Sigue leyendo 5 Reasons why I want to be like Ruth

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6 Bible verses I remind myself when I want to give up

Whom better to tell you how capable you are of reaching something more than your Creator? The only one who knows your heart, your mind and thoughts. He sees what we cannot see; and therefore He constantly encourage us to reach what we have the potential to become.

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God is… true

It is amazing how God has many characteristics and, even more incredible, how we discover more of them as we seek Him through prayer and the Bible. Having this in mind my boyfriend and I decided to start a serie of devotionals (both individually and together) to study about a specific characteristic of our God.… Sigue leyendo God is… true