God is… Omnipotent

A confession: I love space, our galaxy and Universe. I find it so big, diverse, unknown, vast and beautiful. Usually I watch movies about spacetrips or documentals about it and all the time after I watch them I sit down and just take a minute to think not just how amazing places out of Earth are but how HUGE and POWERFUL is the one who create it.

I am kind of a “scientific” believer. I think science it’s not here to destroy God’s existence, but to help us understand His power. So I love God and enjoy science. But since be a God follower is a matter of faith more than scientific data I struggle a lot, sometimes.


This month my boyfriend and I studied about one of my favorite God’s characteristic: He is OMNIPOTENT. And my mind, as usual, blew away!

“…Is there an end to the Lord’s power?…”

Numbers 11:23

God asked to Moses in a challenging way, but is He really talking to Moses? I don’t know you but I feel is God asking me if I don’t believe Him be strong and powerful enough to do anything. And as an answer, I just blush and smile because I know He has NO limits, nor He or His power.

If He has showed us He is omnipotent then why we keep on doubting?? I think mainly for two reasons:

  • Because just like the people of Israel we keep on forgetting who He is. We forget what He have done for us, the miracles, His creation here on Earth. Us, humans, have a God-Alzheimer! But, happily, the more we spend with Him the less we will forget.
  • We focus in the problem instead of His power. If you read Mt 14:31 you can see how Peter was walking on water just relying on Jesus’ power, but the moment he focused on how deep the water was, how far he was from Jesus or what would happen if he fall… he started to drown. So, yes I am a Peter. I worry so much about my daily situations I don’t have space in my mind to think about how the Creator of the Universe, the Master of everything that exist have care of me. #Genius!

As scientists discover about our Universe, about ourselves and everything around us I learn more and more about God. I’ve learn that my mind it’s too small to measure God’s power and nature fully, but it’s big enough to understand Him and recognizing His power.

Now I look up to the sky and wonder myself  how big the stars are, how far away they are; I hear God whispering in my ear “I count those stars and call them by name, I settle them there, and still I am here with you” (Psalms 8:3, 147:4).

7 ways to stay motivated while studying

Probably you already know that I’ve been very busy lately. This is my last year at college and as you might imagine classes get harder and harder. And, of course, it’s getting harder and harder for me to stay motivated and focus enough to do homework, studying or even going to a lecture (LOL!). I must confess I have no idea how I’m gonna do to during finals (or even how I will stay alive until then).


Photo courtesy from RekitaNicole.com 

Sooooooo, since I bet I am not the only one having this struggle I have so suggestions for you to try that had worked for me.

  1. Motivation starts before doing homework or studying. Let’s say you know a terrible and busy week it’s coming so you take cautions like: sleeping enough, doing some small homeworks so they won’t accumulate or start working on a project that has a due date in 2 or 3 weeks. Trust me you will not regret the free time you spend overtaking any work to do.
  2. Prepare yourself & your mood. I don’t know you but if I wake up in a calm way (not by my phone ringing or something like that) I will instantly be in a good mood for the rest of the day. The same happens if I take a delicious breakfast. So, I will 100% recommend to you to start your day doing something that put you in the right mood for a study day. You can try going out for a small walk, take a hot bath, eat your favorite fruit during breakfast or anything else.
  3. Comfy clothes vrs bad mood. Seriously, there’s nothing better for your hormones, tiredness or lack of motivation than your comfy clothes (I am not saying pijamas but I can’t blame you LOL). It’s easier to study when you are confortable and you will feel better for sure!
  4. Food is bae. What can be more motivating than eating a yummy snack while writing an essay; I mean, ideas just start flowing and flowing. Just make sure you eat the right ones like nuts, fruits, cereal. Eat food that give you energy and do not have  a massive dinner or lunch because, trust me, your stomach will “drag” all the blood from your body into digestion and your brain will slow down it’s activity so you will get sleepy:  MAY DAY MAY DAY! If you are as creative as me at cooking here are some ideas for you to try.
  5. Let’s jam.  I know it’s can be difficult sometimes to have a playlist on during study time or while writting a paper because we always end up singing along and dancing around the room. But, actually there’s a type of music you can listen to without losing your focus or losing your vibe. Hans Zimmer does this type of music,  he had done the soundtrack for movies such as Batman, Inception, Interstellar and Gladiator, I totally recommend his tracks: very relaxing yet motivator. Also if you want here it’s my spotify playlist for doing homework.
  6. Reward yourself. I use this one a lot, and by rewarding yourself I am not talking about put candies on every paragraph of your reading so you can eat it when you finish. I am talking about put yourself objetives. For example: I will finish this essay at 2 pm. If you accomplish it you can get something that “clean your mind”, like eat some icecream and watch a video on youtube or anything else you like.  They are your rewards so I can tell you what to choose (;
  7. Satisfaction comes in form of a “to do” list. Seriously, there are few satisfations bigger than be able to cross out something in a to do list. I am a fan of lists, I made them daily so I can stay organized, have goals during the day and also because they made me feel productive. As I cross four or five tasks I get more and more motivated because I know soon it will be over.

Aaand those were my collegeproof tips to do homework or studying  without die trying. I hope you enjoyed, let me know in the comments and also hope they are useful for you! If you have any other suggestion or personal practice for me to add and try just let me know! See you next week! Don’t forget to shareee.

What “God is truth” means to my life?

Hello there! As you may know, this year my boyfriend and I decided to start doing a monthly devotional about God’s characteristics. In January we studied about the truth He is.  Now that the month it’s over, we finished it thinking and dicussing about what does that actually mean, beyond learning what the Bible says, but how it affects our life.


Keeping some Bible verses in mind (Jn 1:14, Deut 7:9, Jn 1:17, Jn 14:6, Jn 8:32 and 1 Jn 5:5) I want to share with you how knowing that God is the truth has changed my life.

  • It means that from all the other gods He is the truth one. He claims it himself! As we read the story of Israel, and all the times they built idols and worship other gods, He was (and is still) very jelous and state to them that He is the only and true God.
  • It means that he is real, NOT a myth. This one goes very related to the last one but it differs in that I DO believe in Him, as real as He is, beyond knowing He is the truth God.
  • Finally, it means that what He says and do I believe it. This one it’s my favorite, because I don’t know you but sometimes I find so hard to believe some Bible stories, like the Flood for example. But in the middle of my struggle between my scientific side and my christian side I remember that I decided to believe in God, the truth and real one, so I find relief knowing His word is truth too!

I don’t know what knowing God is truth means to your life, but for me it means I am free, because His truth gave me freedom: from my sins for example. Once I embrace this BIG and AMAZING characteristic from Him everything I learn and stufy from Him in the Bible became more vivid, important and significant for me. I started to experience more of Him, everyday and everytime. Knowing He is real, not someone out of reach make me feel safe, saved and that I have someone constantly taking care of me.

Please let me know what God is truth means to you! How you apply that into your life !



PD: I have to tell you that I am not going to be able to post so frecuently as I had. College has been harder that I expected and now I don’t have as much time as I wish I have for blogging. Don’t worry I will still be here reading you and posting on instagram. Thank youuu!

4 tools for concept mapping

Here’s a confession: Besides been totally obsessed with stationary (I have like 20 different black pens, I know it’s crazy!) I enjoy studying and doing homework using colors, images and all kind of methods that make easier to memorize the contents.


If you, just like me, are a visual learner you know what I am talking about. How delightful it’s when you have important info written in a different color, arrows that connects concepts, illustrations that explains or exemplified a term… Well, you get the point.

And, since my college classes started three weeks ago, I can’t believe how fast the time it’s going!, I tought it would be nice to share with you some of the websites and programs I use to make my concept maps for studying or assigments.

1.Cmap tools

It was the first one I used and I’ve been using it for more than 4 years. You have to download it (some computers already have it) but it’s really simple to install and free. Works perfectly if you need a concept map with a medium-large amount of information on it. You can personalize it but not too much. It has a limit in this aspect. Also, if you want to add an image it’s kind of a problem (I don’t know how to add one yet!). A big pro it’s that you can print it directly from your screen or download the map in a png format to make it “bigger” or smaller.

2. Coogle.it

Colorful, easy to use, free and via internet. It’s excellent for concepts you already know or a small amount of information. Why? Because you can’t edit the size of the font (or type), so the program automatically makes the more specific terms smaller and smaller as you add them to a bigger one. For example: Animals (font size: 18)>mammals (font size: 16) >acuatic (font size: 14)> dolphins (font size: 12). And, in case you print this, it would be harder for you to read it. Also, for using it you have to create an account (using google for example). But a big pro it’s you can add images from dragging them from the desktop to the webpage.

3. Goconqr.com

This one it’s my favorite! It have been helping me for 5 months and I am so happy I found it! You just need internet and create an account (using facebook, google or your email). In contrast with the other two programs this one allows you to create not only a mental map but summaries, tests, flashcards and much more. You can customize the font, size, color, background and much more. Also, add images it’s easier! Plus, you can add another concept map you already made. The only con to say about it, it’s that when you download your creation in a png format the quality and size of the text becomes a little bit smaller. So you have to struggle a bit to fit the image into a A4 sheet of paper.

4. Piktochart.com

Ok, so this one actually it’s not an specialized website for concept mapping, but it can work just fine. I use this more for infographics than for personal studying, but it has everything you can possibly need. You can login using your facebook or google account (or with your email). It’s really easy to use and has it’s own images to add, an enormous amount of backgrounds, fonts, templates. This gives you an infinity of ideas and tools for your own purposes. You can download it easily in a png format, which actually do have a very good quality (Big pro!).

Those were my top 4 based completely in my own opinion and experience. If you use another one that you can suggest me, please let me know. Trust me I will be happy to try it.

5 Reasons why I want to be like Ruth

i want to be like ruth

Her name means “friend”, but that is one of the many desirable characteristics she has. The book of Ruth it’s small and brief, only four chapters long, but it is enough to show us God’s mercy, purpose and caring even in the toughest situation we can imagine. If you haven’t read her story, I encourge you to do it. You won’t regret and it won’t take you too much time!

As I read my Bible and get into Ruth’s story I noticed the amazing woman she was, how her strenght gave favor not only to her but to her mother in law, Noemi. It was impossible for me not wanting to be like her. So I decided I wanted to share with you some of this “traits” she had.

  • She was devoted and committed (Ruth 1:16). She took very seriously the compromised she adquired by marrying Noemi’s son. She knew she had to take care of her mother in law, not because she was demanded to but because she had a very special bond with her. They were friends and Ruth was faithful to that no matter the situation, the country or time.
  • Her faith in God was more valuable than her nationality. She wasn’t born as part of Israel, she was a moabite. But it does not matter if she was part of Israel or not, because her faith in God was enough. And God noticed that too. It’s incredible how He blessed her being Kind David’s great grand mother.
  • She was obedient. Obedient to God and to Noemi (Ruth 3:5). She recognized her mother in law as the head of her house, like a mother for her, and she did not hesitate into do as Noemi told her so.
  • She was a worker. Instead of whining over how God had forsake them or how their lives had been ruined, she stand out and went out looking for food and a way to sustain her and Noemi. She was independent and she showed she didn’t need a man if she had God who cared about her.
  • She blessed the ones around her. When finally she married Booz she was the reason the witnesses told him how blessed he will be (Ruth 4:11). Also, Ruth was the reason the women cheered Noemi, for she now had a reedemer!  Ruth was blessed by God’s favor and she became a bless herself!

WOW! I could say she is my female favorite character from the whole Bible! An inspiring example of whom I want to become. My prayer to God is to make me a little bit more like her, full of His spirit! I want to got God’s favor as she had!

6 Bible verses I remind myself when I want to give up

I must admit I get frustrated really easy. I am working into knowing how to calm myself and be able to focus on what truly matters. It’s just sometimes I lack of motivation, lose my north and feel like a piece of trash that no one cares about. I know I am not the only one and since I’ve been spending time trying to changing this I wanted to share with you some Bible verses that comforts me and give me a little oasis in the middle of struggling and hard times.

when i want to give up

Whom better to tell you how capable you are of reaching something more than your Creator? The only one who knows your heart, your mind and thoughts. He sees what we cannot see; and therefore He constantly encourage us to reach what we have the potential to become.

  • “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” Exodus 33:14 This is by far my favorite! God is so amazing He go we us and as if that’s not enough make sure we rest.
  • Is the Lord’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” Numbers 11:23  For those moments in which we forget how powerful is our God! Nothing it’s too big for Him.
  • “Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you.” Deuteronomy 3:22 Himself will fight for you! Why should we be afraid of? 
  •  “God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do ourselves” 1 John 3:20 Our circumstances do not change His nature of faithfulness and the truth of who we really are. If He put us in certain situation it’s because He already know the happy ending (:
  • “I have made you, I will carry you, I will sustain you and I will rescue you” Isaiah 46:4 No comments needed!
  • “Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying” Romans 12:12 While we let God be God, we must be positive in our minds, never stop the direct communication with him and just wait in His promises!

These are just a few from the whole verses we can find in God’s word that can give us comfort and peace even in the middle of hard situations! We must never forget what He had done in our lives and not abandon  the expectancy of what He will do!

Let me know in the comments which is that Bible verse that you always have in mind during the hard times!

We have legs instead of roots!

I have always used that phrase as my traveling motto. It sounds so “easy going” and just letting yourself go with the adventure. But, from a time ago I faced the whole “adulting” phase and that #YOLO motto I had made more sense in other perspective.

legs no roots

It’s a whole metaphor. Picture a beautiful plant: it’s planted in a small pot, with moist soil, placed near a window where it gets sun rays for living. The owner of that cute plant take care of it and water it everyday; not too much water ‘cuz it drowns not any ‘cuz it withers. But, plot twist the owner sells the plant and the new owner it’s too lazy to take care of the poor plant. He leaves it in the sun for hours and do not water it, also smokes and use the plant pot as ashtray.

Poor plant, don’t you think? Abandoned by it’s owner, without being capable of made it’s food. Left there to die of thirst with no way out. Thanks God, we are not like plants and instead of roots we have legs. Or don’t we?

I know many people  (I am still struggling to break the cycle) that are uncapable of moving on. Moving on from toxic relationships, unhappiness, closing cycles, growing up and other examples you may know.

It is extremely hard to be in the position where you are aware you have to letting go or move on but be too tied to actually leave. I usually get use to my confort zone where I have all control but I don’t realize I am not able to progress, to persuit my goals.

Everyday I challenge myself and also encourge myself to letting go those people and habits that intoxicate me and focus in use this legs I have, to move on, to get out of the pot and avoid the Sun to boil me!

WE HAVE LEGS NOT ROOTS! We are aim to move, to saying goodbye and new hello’s, to discover new places that make us GROW & FLOURISH.

Let me know what meaning does this “motto” have to you! And thanks for reading!

Is life supposed to be easy?

Want to get home faster? Take a taxi.

Too lazy to read a whole book? Look for the movie.

Don’t want to get up and turn the lights off? Download an app for your smartphone.

Those are a few from the many examples we can find in our more and more demanding world of how machines or other people had made our life “easier”. If you don’t feel like doing some work at home, or at the office (even at school) you can pay others to do it for you. We have became lazy! I can picture us, humans, in a couple of decades paying others to take vacation for us or going to family dinners for us! It’s so so heartbreaking.

Sadly, the new generations are the one’s that are suffering the most out of this situation. For our grandparents, who grew up in a society in which you had to work for the things you wanted, having a phone, look for information in google and having an instant result instead of spending hours and hours in a library are luxuries notneeds!

Kids, teenagers and young adults are now so used to having fast results from little effort that when an action requires work and dedication easily lose interest or get frustrated.

is life supposed to be easy

LIFE IT’S NOT EASY! And, it’s not meant to be. A woman entered labour for hours to give you life, you spend hours practicing crawling until you finally made one step by yourself, the same with your talking, writing, reading, and many other abilities we adquired from effort!

You can be sure that nothing worth having comes easily. If so, how can we appreciate them? Only a mother can love her child knowing how hard was to raise him/her.

Now that I am a little “more independent” and have my own money to spend it however I want, sometimes I surprised myself taking so much care  of a pen, a book, shoes, etc. just because I payed for them. Because only  I know how hard I had to work for it.

Just put everything into perspective: relationships, a house, work, a diploma, a car, an ability, whatever. You will probably enjoy it more when you realize the discipline, the hours (and money) it cost you.

Life it is not supposed to be easy, and that is fine. The more you want it, the more you will feel satisfy, the more ambitious you will become, bigger dreams, crazier goals, but full of illusion and motivation. We need challenges, because we crave for victories!

God is… true


It is amazing how God has many characteristics and, even more incredible, how we discover more of them as we seek Him through prayer and the Bible. Having this in mind my boyfriend and I decided to start a serie of devotionals (both individually and together) to study about a specific characteristic of our God.

The first one on the list is: GOD IS TRUTH.

We found many references in the Bible about be truthful and how God’s word is the truth. And, from my humble knowledge and what I learned from my devotionals I wanted to share this little space with you!

First of all, God is the one truth God! As we found along the Bible and even more specific in the book of Jeremiah:

But the Lord is the true God;
    he is the living God, the eternal King.

Jeremiah 10:10 (NIV)

The mindblown comes up  when the only truth God, became a person. Christ came to Earth to safe us from our sins and taking us to the path the Lord had made for us and that we had disregarded.

In the book of John, specially in verses 1:14 & 1:17 we can see how the truth of God came to us through Jesus. And His truth was given to us with grace and eternal life, instead of punishment or condemnation!

As we keep reading the Gospel of John, we can read an amazing statement:

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32 (NIV)

We know Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life. He said so because he was in essence a true God made human, and brought us God’s truth.

If we put everything on perspective until now, we can see how the truth (God himself & His word) make us free once we accept it’s gift.

SOOO, in simple words:

“God is the true God, full of truth, that is himself, and that it give us that truth which made us truly free”

I am still surprised of how He reveals himself to us and how privileged we are to know Him (And understand His word!).

New year, new me?



I must confese I am a “new me” freak. Yes, that’s right. On december 31, for the past 5 or 6 years, I’d sit down on my desk by my own and write down on a notebook a list of my goals for this year. Also, I checked last year’s list and have this little satisfaction moment in which I crossed out every goal I accomplished. Doing this kind of “ritual” give me a sense of control over myself, and prepare my mind to be super positive for the up coming year.

This year was diferent! I sat down on my desk and, with a blank page in front of me, I realized I did not know what I want to accomplished this year! I freaked out, I had the so called “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” crisis!

But hey! I know I am not the only one who struggles with this! So, I decided I wanted to share  with you what I did to give this conflict a solution.

  • Don’t stress out! Remember what you’ve go through

I know, because I experienced myself, that it can be overwhelming watch all new year’s resolutions people post on facebook or instagram and feeling lost. But, you should not feel weird or if it’s something wrong with you, because NOT! It’s complely fine, some people had hard experiences the past year (such as failing a course in college) and it is easier for them settle a goal in order to not repete it (like studying once a week or something like that).  I recommend you to think about mistakes or situations in which you think you can have had a better response and pick them as future goals for this year!

  • Settle realistic goals

Don’t let yourself be influenced by the whole “new me” mood. It’s hard, because everyone it’s happy, celebrating, feeling dreamy and very positive (don’t take me wrong that it’s completely fine), but maybe this can make you settle goals that can later in the year frustrate you and overwhelm you. So, it’s better if you choose four or five but that you know you can accomplish them with effort and have the satisfaction instead of being too ambitious and then feel sorry for it!

  • Talk about them with someone of your trust

One’s life and choices may look different from other’s point of view. You always can talk to a close friend or relative who can give you an advice of who well you went through the year and help you organize your ideas of what you would like to reach this coming one!

  • Do a brainstorm!

Of course! Do a list of some dreams or goals you have but without passing them through the “it’s impossible or not?” filter. Just write down the desires of your heart. Then, one by one you can examine them and determine if they are too ambitious to complete them in a year, if so it is an awesome idea to divide them into small “task” that help you go closer to the goal for the next two or three years!

I wish you the best of lucks setting up your goals and cross finger for you to accomplish as many as you can! Feel free to let me know what your goals are and what are you doing (or planning to do) for them to became truth!